Soothing crystals for stress and anxiety

Has your life reached the boiling point? If the constant, chronic stress cycle threatens to compromise your health and mind, you should consider healing on a spiritual level. Unlike anti-anxiety medications, which only treat symptoms, using soothing crystals to calm anxiety helps soothe and heal your mind, body, and spirit, actually getting to the root of the problem.

One thing is certain, the pace of life is not slowing down. Modern life can quickly destroy the spiritual harmony that resides in each of us. And when things get too bad, our stress and anxiety levels rise. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses affecting adults and children! Although they can be treated with over-the-counter medications, many people don't want to take medication all the time and seek natural remedies for anxiety. This is where adopting a practice of using calming crystals for anxiety can be of great benefit.

Consider using stones to calm your breathing by inhaling deeply. Crystals and stones for anxiety can help open the door to inner peace. Find a much-needed retreat from modern life by taking time each day to meditate and escape the stresses of everyday life. By combining the calming and relaxing frequencies of crystals with meditation and yoga, you create the ideal conditions for healing on all levels. Meditation with crystals helps you connect with their high vibrational frequencies, which can open your chakras to a deeper level of healing.

While meditating, keeping your mind away can be a challenge. This is why a grounding session is essential. To do this, hold mass stones like hematite or red garnet in each hand while imagining your dispersed energy coming together in a peaceful wave of relaxation and calm. Once you feel grounded, you are ready for your healing meditation session!

There are many soothing crystals available for relieving anxiety and stress. Try several and find the “personal formula” that's right for you. Once you find your formula, use your calming crystals in an anxiety meditation.

Calming crystals for anxiety and stress relief :

Howlite is a calming stone that helps with dreams and sleeping, calming an overactive and stressed mind, easing insomnia and dream retention.

Labradorite balances and protects the aura, strengthening intuition and shielding one from negativity, anxiety, stress and depression. This is why calling on labradorite properties when setting intentions or while meditating can help you reach a deeper spiritual consciousness.

Amazonite provides calming and soothing energy to the nervous system. It’s called the stone of hope as it decreases stress, fear and trauma, and helps balance the chakras. Amazonite is used in crystal therapies to soothe energy at home and in the workplace, bringing more vitality to the body and the environment it’s in.

Nicknamed the “Guardian of the Rainbow,” Fluorite brings vibrations of peace, happiness and calm to your life. The formation of fluorite is what contributes to its powerful relaxation properties. Composed of common minerals with powerful purifying effects like quartz and calcite, this multi-colored stone is one of the best for healing and rejuvenating the mind and body. When you meditate with fluorite, imagine your energy body being filled with an incredible white light that makes you feel comfortable with yourself and the world.

Rose Quartz
As its beautiful soothing pink hues suggest, Pink quartz Crystal is known as the love stone. We believe in the absolute power of self-esteem and with this crystal nearby you will feel love, creativity and inspiration in all its forms. When we're under pressure, anxious, or just plain stressed, it's so easy to forget to love ourselves. Just give yourself time to be truly present in your heart and in your existence. Keeping a piece of rose quartz where we can always see it will honor the respect, trust and worth in you and open your heart, mind and soul to free you from the challenges of life.

Amethyst is a soft stone that helps open and activate the Third Eye Chakra, the energy center associated with your mind. By infusing soothing and relaxing energy into your living space, this stone eliminates any chaotic, worried or anxious thoughts. With a clear mind, you can go through any stressful situation with a feeling of peace and calm. With its deep purple color and attractive geode formation, Amethyst has an immediate calming effect on everything around it, whether worn as jewelry or as a geode placed in a room.

There are many soothing crystals that relieve anxiety, and each one will resonate differently with you. Trust your intuition to choose the best healing stones to use. If you find yourself drawn to a particular stone, trust your instincts and go for that one.